About Us

White Deer Publishing is a boutique book publishing company. We’re proudly women-owned and based in East Atlanta Village in Atlanta, Georgia. Our imprints currently include How2Conquer and d’Aulnoy Editions.

Our Team

Michelle Newcome
Founder and Publisher
Lauren Kelliher
Managing Editor, How2Conquer
Emily Owens
Managing Editor, d'Aulnoy Editions
Charlotte Bleau
Assistant Managing Editor
Telia Garner
Illustrator & Editorial Assistant

Our Imprints

How2Conquer specializes in unique how‑to books that are designed to help readers master new skills quickly. Our books generally share three things in common: use of story, an emphasis on graphics, and an encouraging tone. 

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D’Aulnoy Editions specializes in narrative nonfiction, memoir, social sciences, fiction, and anthologies. We focus on authentic, approachable, and compelling writing by emerging authors with something to say.


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