Just Launched: d’Aulnoy Editions

Our new imprint, d’Aulnoy Editions, will specialize in narrative nonfiction, memoir, social sciences, fiction, and anthologies. We’ll be focusing on authentic, approachable, and compelling writing by emerging authors with something to say.

The imprint is named for 17th-century French writer Marie-Catherine Le Jumel de Barneville – better known as Madame or Countess d’Aulnoy. Credited with coining the term “fairy tales,” d’Aulnoy’s stories gave women greater control of their destinies than in fairy tales by men. Learn more about d’Aulnoy’s life and work in d’Aulnoy Edition’s founding story

The same talented team of editors, content designers, and artists who make everything happen at How2Conquer will be behind d’Aulnoy Editions, led by Managing Editor Emily Owens.


D’Aulnoy Editions was founded on the belief that everyone has a story to share. But it’s well known that throughout history, not everyone has had the access or privilege to share theirs.

Our mission is to share a diversity of voices and stories – and not just give platform to them, but to contribute to the overall literary oeuvre, so more people have access to relevant stories that reflect their diverse backgrounds, interests, and cultures.

Authors and Submissions

Just like How2Conquer, d’Aulnoy Editions will accept unsolicited submissions of manuscripts and book proposals within two annual reading periods:

  • Spring (April 20 – Jun 20)
  • Summer (July 22 – Sep 22)

How2Conquer’s annual reading periods include: Winter (Feb 1 – Mar 31) and Fall (Sep 1 – Oct 31).

Learn more about submitting to d’Aulnoy Editions.

D’Aulnoy Editions authors will also have access to the same author support How2Conquer authors receive, including our author guides (and forthcoming online Author Knowledge Base) and Slack workspace.

We expect there to be a significant amount of crossover for our authors from both How2Conquer and d’Aulnoy. Although How2Conquer focuses more on instructive nonfiction, authors from both imprints will have things in common in writing, marketing, and promoting their books. Slack offers the unique opportunity for all our authors to connect, share tips and advice, and find ways to promote each other’s work.

What’s an Imprint?

An imprint is a trade name under which a publisher publishes a work. One publishing company may have multiple imprints (or lots and lots of them for Big 5 publishers like Penguin Random House). Usually publishers use different imprints to focus on specific genres and reach different readers.

White Deer Publishing now has two imprints: How2Conquer and d’Aulnoy Editions.

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